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I’m still on a high from the losses and awards in my group last night!! They ranged from 0.5lb all the way to 11.5lbs. Love it!!! Everyone’s gone mad on strawberries in my group, strawberries are a super speed food as well as being superfree so fill your boots people 🙂

Let’s get the most important but in first today, food!! Breakfast today was two crushed weetabix as my HEB choice, with fat free natural yogurt and fruit.

Lunch was my amazing syn free mini quiches. I do loads of variations of these, today’s was bacon, mushroom and onion. All you do is mix together three eggs, a tub of fat free cottage cheese, a bit of mustard powder, onions, mushrooms, 2 slices of chopped smoked bacon all fat removed and seasoning. I then add the mixture to a muffin tray and bake for approx 20 mins or until brown. Served with a large salad for my superfree. Pineapple and strawberries for dessert and an Aldi syn free coconut and vanilla Greek yogurt, I really love these!!!

Not sure on dinner yet!?! One thing I do fancy doing again is this chip shop curry sauce recipe. Why not make your own fakeaway fish, chips and curry sauce? Amazing!

Chip shop curry sauce

Suitable for vegetarians
Serves: 4
Prep. time: Ready in 30 minutes
Total time: Less than 30 Minutes
Syns per serving: FREE

Taken from our Little Book of Sauces recipe book, this chip shop curry sauce is a real comfort food favourite – and this version’s full of flavour!

Low calorie cooking spray
1 onion, peeled and finely chopped
2 garlic cloves, peeled and crushed
1cm piece root ginger, peeled and finely grated
1 tbsp curry powder
400g can chopped tomatoes
60ml vegetable stock
2 tbsp sweetener
50g fat free natural fromage frais
1 tbsp of freshly chopped coriander
1 tbsp of freshly chopped mint

Spray a pan with low calorie cooking spray and place over a medium heat. Add the onion and garlic and cook until soft. Add the ginger and cook for 1-2 minutes, then add the curry powder and cook for a further 1-2 minutes.
Add the tomatoes, stock and sweetener and bring to the boil. Reduce the heat and simmer for 12-15 minutes.
Transfer the sauce to a food processor and blend until smooth. Return to the pan, add the fromage frais, coriander and mint and gently heat through before serving (do not boil or the fromage frais will curdle).
Tip: You’ll love this sauce with a mountain of Slimming World chips or wedges. To make them, parboil chips or wedges for 4-5 minutes. Drain well, transfer to a baking sheet and spray with low calorie oil spray. Bake in a preheated oven at 240°C/220°C Fan/Gas 9.

I took some items in to group last night from the new magazine, the sw magazines are just fantastic!! Do you always go to someone who’s the same height as you and see what they weigh ha ha, thought so!! The new products page is my favourite section!!! This salsa is only 1 syn for 2 tbs! The wine is a black tower skinny rose for 3 syns. The cereal is 30g for a HEB and then I took in these goats cheese babybel cheese, two for a HEA. Also the Melba toast at 1/2 syn each for these from Tesco. Fab in soup or with a salad.

Ok now for some other stuff!! Having blonde hair it can get really dry, not any more!! I was using this fab l’oreal shampoo, which makes your hair mega thick but now I’ve cheated on it with this tresemme keratin smooth range. My hair has never been so smooth and soft!!! I always use Moroccan oil, that stuff is genius!!!! The difference it makes to your hair is unreal!!! These two products combined are just fab!!!!!! I’ve used kerastase before but that’s much more expensive. This is my new fav.

Ok folks I’m off to sort dinner now my team calls have finished. I’ve got some presents to buy this weekend, I’m sure I’ll buy myself a few too ha ha 😉 Happy Fopping!!!!xxxx

Ps do you like my new avatar?!? Ha ha how cool is that! Shopping bags in one hand and a salad in the other, brilliant isn’t it

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      1. Yeah we had our rep in the salon the other day, because it goes into the cuticle any oil treatments that are pigmented tend to stain, SP lux oil or Kevin Murphy young again I found really good 🙂

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