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Its never easy finding before photos is it?!? You either ran away when anyone got a camera out and hid or you offered to take them!! I avoided cameras at all costs!! Someone actually asked me if this photo was a fat booth app picture lol!!! Er no that’s just what I looked like!! I think it’s good though to find some as it reminds you of how far you’ve come. I will never ever be going back. I’m about 7lbs away from the bikini shot on the right, so my aim now is to get back to that weight for the summer.ximage

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  1. You are absolutely amazinv. You look fab!
    Have to say you look beautifull in both pics anyway.

    Have you any tips? Ive joined S.W. & weight loss is going very slow. Your story is what i want, 3 stone down! Well done! You look fab x

    1. Hi Yvonne awwww thank you so much!! I just followed it 100%, I did mainly red days or success express. I had tons of speed and super speed foods and really kept track of my syns. I did cut right back in alcohol which was a massive help. Food diaries are good too if you feel stuck as your consultant can go through them for you xx

      1. Oh Nikki you have just inspired me not to give up! I was bordering it. Did you use many syns each day?
        I’ll get back to the food diary, it does keep me on track. I’ll have a look at your meal photos for new ideas too
        I’ll check out “red days” & success express, it might give me a the kick start I’m looking for. Thanks Nikki, so glad I found this page…
        Take care, Yvonne x

        1. I’m so pleased to read this Yvonne!!! You can do it 🙂 most days I’m below 10 syns a day as I eat so much free and superfree I don’t feel I need all of them. It is 5 to 15 a day though, for my weight it’s ideally 5-10. Have a fab week xxx

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