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Fantastic wheat bran cakes!!

Morning all.

So if you follow me on Facebook, You Tube, or Instagram you’ll know I’m a huge fan of this yummy little cake I make.

Wheat bran is a very fine bran, which can be found in Holland and Barrett. It’s perfect for cakes!

So you’ll need the following:-

30g of wheat bran (1/2 B choice)
1 egg
90ml of any milk from your A choice (you can also use a heaped tbs of fat free yogurt or quark instead)
Then add any flavouring or filling you like.
I do grated carrot to add speed food and bulk it out.
I also add one of the following
Lemon essence
A cap of sugar free squash
Mixed spice
Options sachet for 2 syns
Skinny syrup
Syn some cooked berries
Synned raisins
Other 1/2 HEB of prunes
Synned chocolate chips and so on…

The choices are endless.

So simply mix all of the ingrediants together really well and either pour into a mug, or a silicone mould. Microwave for 4 minutes and serve with fruit and quark, or sprinkle with cinnamon. You could oven bake, but I never have.

I really hope you like them. I just love the fact they are so filling, high fibre and easy. Also I then get another 1/2 B choice for later.

Here’s some photos of my cakes and also some from gorgeous followers.

Happy Fopping xxx

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