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A year from now…..

Hi lovely people. I hope you’re all well. I just wanted to share some thoughts with you today.

I’ve been watching a couple of very inspiring programmes on ITV recently. You may of seen them? Extraordinary weddings and This time next year, with the amazing Davina. These type of programmes are just so emotional! I always cry!! I also get so much motivation from them though!

Take the one about extraordinary weddings. It features different people who’ve gone through such adversity, but still want to have their dream weddings. Why shouldn’t they? Those featured, plus their partners, are just incredibly strong people. Take one girl, she was a sport lover, very active and loved to travel. Her and her fiancĂ© were so happy. Then one night, after a few drinks with friends, she left early and called her dad for a lift. While waiting on a wall, she feel backwards and broke her neck! She was then permanently paralysed from the waist down. Just horrific. Her partner was just so so so lovely. He stood by her and helped her to re build her strength, where possible and also her confidence too. He stayed by her side during her hospital stint and will continue to do so for the rest of their lives as her husband. They’ve already ticked off in sickness and health haven’t they. To even leave the house was a huge challenge, let alone get married! But they had their magical day and proved you really can achieve anything if you stay committed and never give up.

Another guy had a tumour and lost his sight! A lady in her 40’s had a stroke, which massively effected her speech and mental capacity. Every single person featured were just amazing humans!!!! They all still achieved their dream weddings despite these awful things happening to them.

In This time next year there’s people who set a goal and within a year the dream is to achieve it. There’s people who’ve lost limbs and want to walk again unaided, people who held back from living due to their weight, who then lost over 10 stone, single people who found love, people with severe stammers who have learnt to speak again and so on…. In just 12 months they’ve totally changed their lives!!! Some with Slimming World, which was very exciting!!!!!! It’s like that film sliding doors, which door do you want to go through? The one where you change your life and as a result are so much happier, or the old door that leads to unhappiness and misery!?! You can achieve so much in a year!! That time will pass anyway, life is too precious to waste.

All these people had such difficult obstacles to overcome, but they stayed committed and refused to let anything beat them. Most didn’t have a choice about what happened to them, it was mainly things they couldn’t control. They’ve still tried their very best to claw back their lives and wouldn’t be beaten.

It made me think about weight loss. If these people can achieve such wonderful things, we can certainly achieve our weight loss dreams. Ultimately we do have a choice, we can change. It drives me mad though when people say losing weight is easy, just don’t eat it! Oh yeah thanks Geoff, I didn’t realise that?!?! Idiot. Lol. It’s a mental battle most of us face isn’t it, some do have physical challenges too, but on the whole it’s what goes on upstairs, in those funny minds of ours! But it is one we can win. Joining Slimming World and staying for group transformed my life. I’m so glad I made the changes and I’ll never go back. I’m not perfect, but I had the power to make myself happy and healthy again. Some don’t have that option. Let’s grab it with both hands people and after Christmas smash it!!!! Target here we all come. What can you achieve by this time next year???

Thanks for reading and happy fopping xxx


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